Fred Morrison Smallpipes by McCallum Bagpipes are made from African blackwood, finished with alloy ferrules with an option to engrave.


The bellows are fully padded with hand-sewn plush leather cushions on the front and back to ensure comfort and ease of play. The bellows are made from the highest quality components to ensure many years of great playing.


Key of A, complete with:

  • 3 Blackwood Drones
  • Blackwood Chanter and cane reed
  • Luxury handmade bellows
  • Synthetic Bag (medium, other sizes on request)
  • Ezeedrone Smallpipe Drone Reeds
  • Bagpipe Cover


We would advise adding a drone switch as an extra.


**This product is made to order. Waiting time is usually 6-8 weeks (before delivery).**

Fred Morrison Scottish Smallpipes - Key of A