Crozier V2 (version two) Drone Reeds are the second generation of the original Crozier Carbon Drone reeds that were first manufactured in 2005.


The V2 reeds are equal to their predecessor in operation with a curved body which allows the flat carbon fiber tongue to vibrate. The Crozier V2 Drone Reeds have a cane like tonal quality, are higher in pitch and also feature a double O ring bridle and tongue support.


The original Crozier Carbon Drone Reeds are designed for pipers using a canister system in the pipe bag, the V2 drone reeds have been designed to suit both canister and traditional pipe bag set up. The reeds are very easy to set up using the airtight tuning plug and bridle for tonal alterations and have been designed for pipers ranging from beginners to the most advanced pipers.

Crozier V2 Drone Reeds